Millard is the filters brand for light, commercial and heavy-duty vehicles

Millard is the European brand specialized in high tech systems for vehicle and machinery filters.

Our integrated quality assurance system “Global Quality” values our high performance products for the most diverse and worldwide acredited brands.

A promising internacionalization process in Europe, America and Asia has enabled us to conquer important and demanding clients.


Millard offers to its markets, products and services with the highest quality level. Innovation and new technologies allow the vehicle fluids to work in optimal conditions to benefit a conscious energy consumption, environmental care and health of the population.



Millard® promotes the use of new filtration materials with greater energy fluids filtration capacity, more biodegradable and ecofriendly, in each of its pieces.

To filter with excellence is not enough if we are not capable of creating conditions so that the maintenance of engines and machinery is done efficiently and in a sustainable way.
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