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Millard® develops all its products by carrying out a continuous technology surveillance process and by doing a projects and products management through methodologies and guidelines established by the norm ISO TS 16949.

It is a quality management system oriented to a continuous enhance that emphasizes the prevention of defects and the reduction of variations and waste throughout the supply chain.

The investment bets on rotation, service and high profitability.

Quality Policy

Compliance of the OEM specifications. To us, it means to satisfy and fulfill all the precise technical specifications and normalized processes.

  • Costumers satisfaction
    The compliance of the established rules shows the excellence level that our service is capable of achieving; consolidating and building deep-rooted commercial relations; helping the brand reach a relevant position in all the markets where it participates.
  • Continuous improvement
    Persistence allows us to evolve constantly. The innovation allows us to provide our customers with the best products. And the enterprising initiatives allow us to meet the expectations of our customers.
  • Defects prevention
    It is the core of Millard Filters Quality policy; to avoid the non-conformities instead of offsetting them; to prevent instead of detecting and correcting. That is the way to achieve the 'Zero Defects' goal.

Quality Warranty

To ensure quality, Millard works with the following phases:

  • Quality of Design
    The design of Millard's products meets the specification required by car makers. The designs are periodically upgraded through 'Design Review' activities to ensure the update of materials and specifications.
  • Quality of Development
    The development of the products follows the guideline set by the TS automotive norm and includes the application of tools within the APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) in the same way it is used in the development of OEM equipment.
  • Quality of Industrialization
    Millard supervises the production processes of its factories with failure prevention tools like the FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) applied during the fabrication process.
  • Quality of fabrication
    All the filters go through strict performance tests in which the levels of saturation, porosity and sealing, if needed, are evaluated. The tests applied affect the pieces by a 100% which minimizes the probability of distributing a defective product.
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